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How do the Professional, Experienced, Affordable and Reliable Movers at TBC Movers Stack Up Against 'Unprofessional-but-Cheap-Random-Mover-Guys' "Company"? WELL..........

Not all movers that advertise themselves as 'movers' should be trusted with your things.

There are some so-called movers out there that are charging super-low, too-good-to-be-true prices; however, they are oftentimes Inexperienced and not full time movers (may be college kids on break, day laborers, or summer moonlighters). They may not know how to load your items properly to prevent damage or to not crush your boxes.

Some 'movers' are sometimes actually criminals, or vagrants that haven't been background checked, and are trying to hustle a quick dollar! They have no care in the world regarding your things, so if they scratch, ding or even destroy your precious furniture, it's no sweat off of their backs!

Choose TBC Movers

You Will NEVER Experience ANY OF THE ABOVE when you Hire TBC MOVERS! We are Legitimate Professional Full time Movers with Experience and Great Customer Service Skills. We only use Trained and Honest Professionals. We CARE about our reputation, and are proud to be a Moving Company with an EXCELLENT track record!

How do the Professional, Experienced, Affordable and Reliable Movers at TBC Movers Stack Up Against 'We Provide the Container, You Pack It Yourself and We Drive It Long Distance For You' Movers?

WELL...... This moving option has become more and more popular; customers are oftentimes attracted to the promise of very low rates and an easy moving experience gained by bypassing the professionals, packing the containers yourself and letting them do the driving...but what are you really paying for?

These companies don't give you any real instructions on how to properly pack these containers...So if you haven't loaded thousands of furniture items and boxes like we have, you may not know that to successfully load the container, you need many supplies (rope, straps, cables, a ladder, shrink wrap, furniture pads, dollies, tools, cardboard, tape...the list goes on....)! If you don't have all of these items, and you don't have the packing experience, your loading efforts can turn out like this:

Once you finally load the items, the transport truck comes to get the container and your things are off on their long journey to another state, or across the country...The driver may have no care in the world that you have your precious Grandfather Clock, or your Antique Glass Table packed in your container...In fact he has zero idea what is packed in your container since he isn't required to take inventory, or even look at your load once to see if it's packed properly! He may hit hundreds of bumps along his way to dropping off your container...If your load started out okay, it probably looks like this when it arrives and you open the doors:

And speaking of when your container arrives:

Depending of how low your bargain basement price was, it could be weeks while they stop in other states to drop off 5 other containers...or they could say it will come in any number of days, but these companies are notorious for delays, and even mix ups! Your container may end up in another driveway while you wait even longer! And then after your wait, you may still be treated to your items looking like this when you open the doors:

However, there's a BETTER CHOICE...

You wont experience ANY OF THE ABOVE when you hire TBC Movers! We are a fully insured, licensed ad legal long distance carrier of household goods; research us online! When our movers load your items onto our trucks, they will have all of the tools and materials needed for a perfect load. It will always look like this:

Our drivers are required by law to take inventory of exactly what is on our trucks. We will give you a copy of this inventory, that will also have any preexisting damages that we notice on it. Since we know exactly what we are transporting, we can adjust our routes, driving plans and drive carefully to ensure that all of your precious items arrive intact and undamaged:

Here at TBC Movers:

Time is precious. We avoid delays at all costs, and we are very motivated to deliver your items in the least amount of time possible....that means you wait less time for your things! We do long distance moving the right way. Trust TBC Movers!

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